By The Trip Sisters


Benihana is known for making many birthdays special (you can even register to receive a $30 gift certificate for the month of your birthday), but right now, Benihana is celebrating a very special birthday of their own. This year is their 55th anniversary and let us tell you — they make 55 years in the restaurant industry look easy!


In honor of their 55th anniversary, Benihana has curated a list of 55 Reasons to Indulge Your Benihana Crave. Since we love a good celebration, we decided to join in on the fun by dining in at Benihana’s Chicago location, located off the Magnificent Mile in the iconic John Hancock building. Our visit turned out to be the perfect girls’ night out as we landed on our top 5 reasons why we will definitely be indulging at Benihana again in the near future:

1. “Fresh New Flavors. We’re always innovating and adding new cocktails to our menu. Try any of our limited-time offerings to explore fresh new flavors.”


Everything we tried was filled with a variety of fresh and refreshing flavors. Colleen enjoyed the steak which was cooked to perfection and had an impeccably fresh taste, while Catie dove into one of her favorite sushi rolls in Chicago. The sushi was fresh and had a sweet yet spicy flavor. You can bet that Colleen definitely stole a few bites!

2. “Sweet, Delicate Flavor. We remove the lobster from its shell at the grill and prepare with melted butter and a hint of lemon juice for a naturally sweet, delicate flavor.”


There are certain times to splurge and order the lobster, and this was one of those times! At Benihana, it is well worth it. You could taste the fresh, lemon flavor mixed with savory, melted butter in these delicious lobsters. The shrimp was also cooked to perfection and just as enjoyable!

3. “Healthy Options. Our fresh nigiri provides a healthy meal of fish and steamed rice at only 40 to 160 calories per piece, while sashimi is just about 25 calories per piece.”


Unfortunately, counting calories is a “thing” but it’s not a problem when dining at Benihana. With so many healthy meal options, even those watching their waistlines will come hungry and leave satisfied without cheating on their diet. Even their side soup and salad is an incredibly delicious and calorie-friendly way to kick-off your meal.

4. “White Wine and Seafood. Seafood has very light, delicate flavors, which means it needs a light drink pairing. White wines are an ideal match, as they mirror the light flavors of seafood and provide a refreshing palate cleanser between bites.”


If you’re anything like us, you know we love our wine. The white wine selection was wonderful, but we’d also suggest a nice sake to go with your seafood selection. If you ask a server to recommend a pairing, they will make your meal a perfect match for you and your palette.

5. “Red Wine and Steak. A hearty steak has a strong flavor, which calls for a full-bodied wine to accompany it.”


The aromas of the steak combined with the red wine was pure perfection. Each course we had before our meal was filled with so many flavors that boosted the flavors of the food. This is definitely a delicacy that shouldn’t be missed.


Whether you are looking to enjoy a holiday lunch, dinner or celebrate a special occasion, this restaurant continues to fill family nights with culinary entertainment, delicious food and a vibrant experience that you and the family won’t forget!